Laystrom has a number of approaches that will allow us to meet your prototype needs and we work closely with our customers to produce parts for engineering evaluation and initial production.

Integrated Approach

We integrate our skilled engineering group, our quality team and fabrication department specialists in order to give you prototypes when you want them, and at a reasonable price. This multi-discipline approach allows us to make a wide variety of prototypes with the highest quality and the best methods to achieve your design criteria.

Lower Costs and Quicker

By being your source for both the prototype and production phases of a project, Laystrom can help you reduce your total cost, your lead-times (as little as one or two days), and the learning curve associated with new projects.


Laystrom can work with a wide variety of materials in thicknesses up to ½”, depending on the process chosen.

Cold Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel

Stainless Steel

Coated Sheet Steel

Aluminum Sheet

Brass and Copper Alloy Sheets


Laystrom offers a full complement of finishing services



Silk Screening/Pad Printing

Vibratory Deburring and Burnishing

Shot Blasting

Stainless Steel - Passivation

Aluminum Anodizing

Heat Treating


Laystrom can adapt to customer scheduling and delivery needs and can control production to their individual requirements. We also work to optimize inventories through Kanban pull systems, consignment programs, and annual contracts, and focus on continuous improvement to customer processes by making suggestions to customers based upon a review of their inventory systems.

By working closely with customers we can adapt to scheduling changes in order to ship exact quantities to meet their individual needs.



Laystrom has built a trusted network of suppliers over 60 years in order to provide the necessary products and services to effectively produce finished products for customers. From metals, to hardware, to finishing services and more, Laystrom’s approved list of vendors work closely with the Company and are periodically reviewed to ensure performance and quality. Laystrom regularly measures and monitors supplier performance in order to continually improve on this key area.

Trusted Networks

Periodic Vendor Reviews

Continual Performance Improvements


Laystrom works closely with customers during new product design reviews, making suggestions regarding cost reduction and quality improvements that result in more robust design concepts. Through the development of product prototypes and interaction with customer engineering departments, Laystrom can help ensure a better product. Laystrom has a number of approaches that will allow us to meet your prototype needs.

Work with Your Team

Cost Reduction

Quality Improvments

Effcient Prototyping

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