Our system provides flexible production methods at competitive costs without tooling charges for laser cutting. Lasers are also ideally suited for parts in early stage (and often evolving) designs, for parts with short leadtime needs, and for parts with limited life-expectancy.

1- 6000 Watt Fiber Laser

Fully automated!

2—4,000 Watt Lasers

Fully automated!


Dimensional accuracy and repeatability can be held to within ±0.003″ in both thick and thin materials when needed.

About Our Lasers

Laser cutting is ideal for production of parts with low to moderate quantity requirements, or parts with similar features but many variations,

Laser cutting reduces the initial cost and lead-time to make intricate parts. Edge quality and dimensional accuracy and consistency are excellent.

Our fiber laser and CO2 lasers with flexible integrated manufacturing systems have the capacity to handle 5’ x 10’ sheets and can cut material up to maximum thickness of 1/2″ of mild steel, 1/4″ stainless steel, 1/8″ aluminum and many other materials.

Dimensional accuracy and repeatability can be held to within ±0.003″ in both thick and thin materials when needed.

Our material handling system provides the most economical option by processing up to 35,000 pounds of raw material without labor input. Our lasers cut for 24 hours each day – usually without an operator in the area. Our peak throughput of material was 70,000 lbs. on one weekend.

Related Services

Scheduling / Delivery

Laystrom can adapt to customer scheduling and delivery needs and can control production to their individual requirements.

Value Added Assembly

Our skilled personnel are adept at kitting and hardware assembly techniques using fastener insertion equipment, projection welders, and rivet and manual assembly equipment required to assemble your product.


Laystrom Manufacturing’s robotic welding and manual welding capabilities enables the Company to offer the flexibility to provide expert welding on low to high production quantities.


The answers to many common questions can be found in our FAQ Library. Click below for all FAQs and the ability to search for your specific questions.

Who is Laystrom Manufacturing Co.?

Laystrom Manufacturing was founded in 1951 by members of the Laystrom family to produce custom component parts and assemblies for OEM equipment manufacturers nationally and internationally. The company is owned and managed primarily by 3rd generation family members who work actively in the business daily. The company operates a 65,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Chicago.

How do I request a quote from Laystrom?

Email They will need the part number, part revision, and expected order quantities as well as any information that has changed since our last quote or order.   Review of pricing and leadtimes for previously produced parts can take as little as a few hours to as much as a few days.   

For items previously not quoted or produced by Laystrom, please contact your sales representative, or contact us directly

Email In your email, please indicate part number, part revision, expected order quantities and need dates as well as EAU information, the date the quote is needed, and anything else which will help us address your request appropriately. Include all engineering information such as PDF files, CAD models, specifications, and if tooling is available for transfer to us. Providing a quote for a part that is new to Laystrom can take as little as a day to as much as a few weeks.

What is your standard leadtime?

It is difficult to provide a “Standard leadtime” without specific details regarding the particular part, the raw material type, the number and type of processes required to make the part, and subcontracted operations such as plating or painting. For some prototype applications we provide expedited service and ship within 72 hours of receipt of the quote request. Some items may require 12 weeks to produce because of issues such as complex manufacturing processes, lead-times for special raw materials, or time to produce tooling or to complete part approval processes. We will identify a part’s leadtime on our quote.

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